Earnings by Watching Videos: Top Methods in 2023

Earnings by Watching Videos: Top Methods in 2023

Earnings by Watching Videos: Top Methods in 2023

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Unlocking Earnings by Watching Videos: Top Methods in 2023

Discovering opportunities to make money by watching videos has never been easier. Below, we’ve compiled a list of effective methods to earn money through video-related tasks:

1. Swagbucks – Your One-Stop Earning Platform

  • Swagbucks offers a versatile platform for generating income through simple tasks. You can accumulate rewards for watching videos, playing games, surfing the web, and participating in paid online surveys.
  • Video content on Swagbucks ranges from advertisements and news clips to viral videos. While the earnings may not be massive, the simplicity of these tasks makes them worthwhile. Combining Swagbucks with other methods can significantly boost your overall earnings.

2. InboxPounds – Akin to Swagbucks

  • InboxPounds functions similarly to Swagbucks, allowing you to earn cash by watching videos and taking surveys. Expanding your activities beyond video watching can further enhance your income.
  • Even reading promotional emails from InboxPounds or using their search page can contribute to your earnings. Signing up also grants you a £1 bonus.

3. WeAre8 – Watch Ads and Support Charity

  • WeAre8 stands out by offering a chance to earn money by watching ads while also making a positive impact through charity donations.
  • After watching videos, you’ll answer a few quick questions, earning approximately 10p per video. You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, pay your EE mobile bill, or donate to a charity of your choice.
  • Additionally, every video you watch triggers a charity donation by participating brands.

4. Slicethepie – Review and Earn

  • Slicethepie is a review site where you can accumulate points for simple tasks like watching videos, listening to music, and responding to surveys.
  • Video content includes commercials and trailers for films and TV shows. You can request PayPal payments once you reach a minimum withdrawal of $10.
  • Note that withdrawal requests may take up to five working days for processing.

5. PrizeRebel – Effortless Video Earnings

  • PrizeRebel offers a straightforward way to earn money by watching videos, making it almost like free money.
  • You can receive your earnings as PayPal cash or gift cards, with a minimum payout of $5 for PayPal transactions.
  • In addition to video watching, you can participate in paid online surveys and refer friends to increase your earnings. PrizeRebel’s social media pages occasionally offer bonus point opportunities.

6. Freelance Subtitle Writing on Fiverr

  • Consider freelance subtitle writing on platforms like Fiverr to gain experience and make money in the film-related field.
  • Some content creators hire freelancers to write video subtitles, especially if they lack the time or expertise to do it themselves. You can set competitive rates based on similar services offered on the platform.
  • Proficiency in another language can be an advantage, allowing you to offer translation services as well.

7. Film and TV Reviews – Establish a Career

  • Becoming a film or TV reviewer can be a rewarding long-term endeavor. While it’s competitive, dedication and strong writing skills can lead to success.
  • Start by charging reasonable rates that reflect your experience, and gradually increase them as you build your portfolio and reputation.
  • Consider pitching article ideas to relevant publications and maintaining a blog to showcase your writing style and talent.

8. Participate in Paid Psychological Studies

  • If you’re open to psychological and behavioral studies, you can earn money by participating in trials that may involve watching videos.
  • Compensation varies based on the study’s type and duration, but it can reach £100 or more.
  • Participate only in studies that genuinely interest you, as some studies may pose emotional or mental challenges.

9. Promote Videos for Companies Online

  • You can charge companies to promote their videos and ads online, especially if you have a reasonable online following.
  • Sponsored posts offer a means to earn money by sharing content that aligns with your audience’s interests. Transparency is crucial, so clearly label sponsored posts as advertisements.
  • Reach out to influencer marketing departments of brands or use freelance platforms like Fiverr to connect with companies seeking video promotion services.

Remember to approach these methods with genuine interest and a commitment to providing value to both yourself and the content creators or brands involved. With dedication and the right approach, you can unlock earning potential by watching videos.

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