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How To Make Solar Panel At Home From Old DVD In Pakistan | DVD Solar Panel In Pakistan

The cost of making a solar panel from old DVDs will depend on whether you already have some of the necessary tools and materials. Here’s a rough cost estimate for the basic materials you might need:

  1. Old DVDs/CDs: Usually, these can be acquired for free or at a very low cost, especially if you have some old ones lying around or can collect them from friends and family.
  2. Tin Snips: $10 – $20
  3. Copper Wire (22-gauge): $5 – $10
  4. Soldering Iron and Solder: $15 – $30
  5. Plywood or Base Material: $10 – $20
  6. Clear Epoxy Resin or UV Resin: $10 – $20
  7. Sandpaper: $5 – $10
  8. Insulating Varnish or Nail Polish: $5 – $10
  9. Multimeter: $10 – $20
  10. Safety Gear (Gloves, Safety Glasses): $10 – $20

Total Estimated Cost: $80 – $170

Please note that these costs can vary significantly based on the quality of materials and where you purchase them. Additionally, if you already have some of these tools or materials at home, your overall cost will be lower.


  1. Safety Gear: Always wear safety gloves and glasses when working with sharp tools, soldering iron, and chemicals.
  2. Ventilation: Work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling fumes from soldering or epoxy resin.
  3. Electricity Safety: Be cautious when working with electricity. Turn off the soldering iron when not in use and double-check your connections to avoid short circuits.
  4. Sharp Tools: Handle tin snips and other sharp tools carefully to avoid cuts.
  5. Eye Protection: Protect your eyes from potential injury. Wear safety glasses, especially when cutting or soldering.
  6. Epoxy Resin: If you’re using epoxy resin, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some epoxy resins can be harmful if not used properly.
  7. Dispose of Materials Properly: If you have leftover chemicals or materials, dispose of them according to local regulations. Some materials might be hazardous and should not be thrown away with regular household waste.
  8. Adult Supervision for Minors: If you’re underage, make sure you have adult supervision while working on this project, especially when dealing with tools and electricity.

Remember that working with DIY solar panels, especially ones made from unconventional materials, may not be as efficient or safe as commercially produced ones. Exercise caution and consider seeking professional advice if you’re planning to use the panel for significant energy needs.

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