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Islamic Study MCQs | NAMAZ MCQS | Latest Islamic Study MCQ |

• 48 total numbers of Rakats are in Farz prayer.
• Namaz-e-Khasoof is offered for Moon Eclipse.
• Namaz-e-Kasoof is offered for Solar Eclipse.
• Namaz-e-Istasqa is offered for Rain.
• Holy Prophet offered Jumma Prayer in 1. A.H.
• Namaz-e-Istasqa is offered with backside of hands upward.
• Holy prophet offered first Eid Prayer in 2. A.H.
• Eid Namaz is Wajib.
• Madurak is the person who starts prayer with Immam.
• Musbaq is the person who comes after one rakat.
• Fajar and Isha were essential in the early period of Islam.
• Tahajud mean abandon sleep.
• Qaada is to sit straight in Salat.
• Jasla is short pause between two sajdas.
• Qaumaa is standing straight during Rukus.
• A person who performs prayer alone is Munfarid.
• Farz in wuzu=4, Sunats=14.
• Farz in Ghusual=3, Sunats=5
• Types of Sunnah prayer are of two types.
• In Fajr, Maghrib & witr no chage in farz rakaat in case of Qasr.
• Takbeer-e-Tashreeq is recited in Eid-ul-Uzha.
• Jumma prayer is Farz salat.
• Conditions of Salat are Seven.
• takbeer-e-Tehreema are to be said in the salat: one.
• Jasla is wajib.
• To sit straight in Salat is called Qa‘ada.
• Qa‘ada is farz.
• Two persons are required for a Jamat prayer.
• Salat Juma became Farz in Madina.
• Five salat made compulsory in 10th Nabvi.

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