Latest PMD Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs 2023 - - Govt Pk Jobs

Latest PMD Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs 2023 –

Latest PMD Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs 2023 –

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) is the national meteorological service of Pakistan, responsible for providing weather forecasts, warnings, and other meteorological services to the public, government agencies, and various industries in Pakistan.

The PMD was established in 1947, soon after Pakistan gained independence from British India. Its headquarters are located in Islamabad, and it operates various meteorological centers and stations across the country.

The PMD collects meteorological data through various sources, including weather satellites, radar systems, and weather stations, and uses this data to create weather forecasts and warnings. It also conducts research and provides training to meteorologists and other weather professionals.

The PMD plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s agriculture, aviation, and maritime industries, providing vital information on weather conditions and forecasts that impact these sectors. It also issues warnings for severe weather events such as storms, floods, and heatwaves, which can help save lives and reduce property damage.

Some Benefits

  1. Competitive salary: PMD offers a competitive salary package that is in line with the pay scales of other government departments.
  2. Health insurance: PMD provides health insurance benefits to its employees and their families, which can help cover medical expenses.
  3. Pension: PMD offers a pension plan for its employees, which provides retirement benefits after completing a certain number of years of service.
  4. Leaves: PMD provides paid leave benefits, including annual leave, sick leave, and maternity leave.
  5. Training and development: PMD encourages its employees to develop their skills and knowledge through training programs and professional development opportunities.
  6. Flexible working hours: PMD provides flexible working hours to its employees, which can help improve work-life balance.
  7. Transport: PMD may provide transport allowances to its employees to help cover the costs of commuting to and from work.
  8. Housing: PMD may provide housing allowances to its employees, especially those who are posted in remote areas.

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