SST SPSC Mock Test 01

SST Mock Test 1| Secondary School Teacher Mock Test 01

SST Mock Test 1| Secondary School Teacher Mock Test 01

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What is the test pattern?

A candidate will have to face 50% of questions from Science (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Computer, and Physics) and 50% from General (20% mother tongue, 20% English, and 10% Social Studies).

Up to what level should a candidate study from the books?

When we see the 6th to 8th class books of Science, we can see that some chapters are from Biology, such as the structure of the eye, digestive system, nervous system, blood circulation, excretory system, and structure of cells. Similarly, we have some chapters of Chemistry and Physics up to 8th class books. Therefore, aspirants of SST BPS16 should clear their concepts in Science up to the 8th class books before moving forward to 9th and 10th class books if every concept is clear up to 8th.

Is the test pattern for SST Science and General the same?

Some candidates are confused regarding the test pattern. In the previous HST tests conducted by IBA in 2007 and NTS in 2013, separate tests were conducted for HST General and Science categories. However, the recruitment policy for PSTs and JESTs in 2021 also includes the SSTs policy, which states that the test is the same for general and science categories.

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