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Student Loan In Pakistan For Abroad Study

Student Loan In Pakistan For Abroad Study

Pakistan stands among the leading countries that send a substantial number of students abroad for their higher education every year. With nearly 60,000 Pakistani students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in foreign universities, the cost of studying abroad remains a paramount concern. While scholarships offer an excellent avenue for students, many find themselves unable to meet the stringent scholarship requirements. As a result, education loans have emerged as a viable means to fulfill their dreams of studying at some of the world’s finest universities. Let’s explore the organizations in Pakistan that offer study abroad loans to Pakistani students:

1. National Bank of Pakistan

Partnering with private banks like HBL, ABL, and MCB, the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) extends study abroad loans to numerous Pakistani students. NBP applies specific criteria for the selection of students across various study programs, with a strong emphasis on academic excellence. Eligibility criteria include:

  • Undergraduate applicants must be 21 years old.
  • Master’s program applicants must not exceed the age of 31.
  • Ph.D. candidates should be under 36 years of age.

NBP supports a diverse range of academic disciplines, including Engineering, Electronics, Medicine, Business Studies, and more.

2. Ihsan Trust

Ihsan Trust, a non-profit organization, is committed to providing educational loans to Pakistani students. Its mission is to empower economically disadvantaged students to cover their educational expenses. Key objectives of Ihsan Trust include:

  • Providing educational loans.
  • Skill development.
  • Rural development.
  • Health and hygiene.
  • Educational development.

3. Akhuwat Foundation

Akhuwat Foundation places a strong emphasis on education and offers interest-free education loans to Pakistani students pursuing studies abroad. The foundation extends financial support to students who have excelled in their previous educational endeavors. Its primary aims include:

  • Providing education and skills development to Pakistani students.
  • Promoting financial independence.
  • Covering tuition fees, uniforms, books, and classroom materials for selected students.
  • Offering a maximum loan amount of £250.

4. MPower Financing

MPower Financing is an international organization that provides education loans to students enrolled in US colleges and universities. Some of the services provided by MPower Financing include:

  • Extending loans to international students without a US credit history.
  • Offering flexible funding options ranging from $2,001 to $100,000.
  • Serving students from more than 190 countries, including Pakistan.
  • Providing free visa support and career counseling.

5. Al Khidmat Foundation

Al Khidmat Foundation offers various scholarships and loan opportunities to Pakistani students pursuing education. Its merit-based loan scheme disburses funds without interest to students with outstanding academic records. Al Khidmat Foundation’s main goals are to:

  • Facilitate education and skills development among Pakistani students.
  • Foster financial independence.
  • Cover tuition fees, uniforms, books, and classroom materials for eligible students.

These organizations play a crucial role in supporting Pakistani students’ aspirations for higher education abroad, making their dreams a reality.

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